Online registration  


Online course registration system: Concepts and features


Concepts and features (.mp4; 1920x1080; 222.68 Мб)

Concepts and features (.mp4; 1280x720; 94 Мб)

Concepts and features (.mp4; 640x360; 69.66 Мб)

Online course registration system: Questions and answers


Questions and answers (.mp4; 1920x1080; 118.96 Мб)

Questions and answers (.mp4; 1280x720; 51.83 Мб)

Questions and answers (.mp4; 640x360; 37.72 Мб)


Tutorial (full text) (.docx; 27.35 Кб)

Tutorials (video)

What do I have to do for successful registration (.mp4; 640x360; 3.76 Мб)

What to do if the system says that students are not presented in registration list (.mp4; 640x360; 1.41 Мб)

Course enrollment (.mp4; 640x360; 13.82 Мб)

Registration for courses (.mp4; 640x360; 18.11 Мб)

Working with courses after enrollment (.mp4; 640x360; 14.36 Мб)

How can I see my schedule (.mp4; 640x360; 7.21 Мб)

How to get an advisor's approval (.mp4; 640x360; 5.85 Мб)

How to send Study Card to Registrar's Office (.mp4; 640x360; 2.37 Мб)

How to change my courses after I've sent my Study Card to Registrar's Office (.mp4; 640x360; 1.13 Мб)

Cancelled courses (.mp4; 640x360; 5.09 Мб)

What can I do if I didn't register on time (.mp4; 640x360; 2.36 Мб)

Add/Drop period (.mp4; 640x360; 4.3 Мб)

How to check your pesonal contact information (.mp4; 640x360; 1.56 Мб)

How to check the transcript (.mp4; 640x360; 2.57 Мб)

How to see the results of faculty evaluation (.mp4; 640x360; 2.9 Мб)

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